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29 December 2007 @ 11:31 pm
one side is down the other is end.  
My site's server is still down :(, it's been two days. The ticket I have opened was closed already, they asked me to change the name servers in the domain account which is what I exactly did however to my big big dismay, my site is still unavailable up to this moment. How's that? hmmnnn.... They should have visited my site for once or well, maybe they did. But heck, how come it doesn't work on me and even on the others who I told to visit it. Hmnnn... And oh, my site is already residing on the same server as Asteeg.net. But WEIRD, mine is down and always seem to have a down time mode. Hope they could at least explain to me the problem. Asked Ms. Ems about it, but don't know she have not reply to any of my emails yet.

I can only hope and wait. Shit.


It's almost the end for 2007. Hmmmnnn.... I haven't thought yet of a wrap up list for this year. I can only be proud that I finally graduated and got a degree in BS Computer Engineering. Got a work, though it wasn't really that official since I was still on training at that time, after almost 3 weeks, been terminated (but completely happy after - no irony attached really) haha. One hell of an experience, I must say. Got closer to those people I wouldn't expect I would be. Bonded with my long time best friend, just did this XMAS. :P Uhmmmnnnnn.... Been bum for a month. Quite a random happenings for 2007. Might have a clear list next year. ;P Wishing you all a happy and fun 2008!
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Nukenin: Gaara 3vuvvlegum on December 30th, 2007 02:32 am (UTC)
Sa Pinoyhosting ka pa rin ba?

You could try Alex, my host(sa public blog ko). http://thundered.net. Free domain hosting siya.