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26 November 2008 @ 08:32 am
I can't seem to focus right now, still thinking of the movie Twilight. How it utterly hit to my list of an epic fail. Before watching the movie, I already read reviews most of them are bad but I was still being objective and didn't succumb myself into believing until I've proven it. I wasn't even expecting a lot from this movie since I know movie based on book adaptation shouldn't be compared not if you want to be doomed to disappointment right away. Since I was already agitated to see the film, at the last minute I was able to contact a person to buy premiere tickets. It's pricey but didn't mind at all since I've been anticipating it for so long and hell yeah extracting a bit of cash didn't matter as long as I've satisfied my crave for this addiction. The premiere was packed with bunch of teenagers, fans gushing about Edward to every seconds who knows. The only apparent thing was that we're there to see the film and hopefully be awed by it. While me, still being cool and nervous to what my emotions could bear.

So the first thirty minutes of the film, my expression was literally blank and I was still giving it a chance until the end. The whole 2 hours was an embarrassment. There were lots of scenes that weren't supposed to be funny but people were apparently laughing out loud. I can now totally understand why most critics had bad reviews over this. Most of the fans were saying that these people just can't relate to what it's supposed to deliver but come to think of it critics are critics it's their job, no matter how insanely rude or extremely biased they can be somewhere in between we know that they somehow made a point. And it cracks us up to accept it because we are a fan. We don't want someone to break our perception over a thing especially the ones we are addicted to. But no matter how I tried to at least like the film I just can't force myself, it's hard to pretend. Some fans says that these people bashing should be more open minded, ironically, that's what they're doing. And that's what I am doing. So pardon me if this will get your nerve cracking.

I'm gonna list here things why I find this movie a failure.

1. The main actors FAILED to deliver the emotions of Edward and Bella's characters. Especially Rob, I was expecting him to act like what a DANGEROUS VAMPIRE could be yet very resistive especially to Bella but he lacks the right emotions. Like in the Biology scene, that should be something so hard and painful for him but he acted like he was about to puke. I also imagined that scene to be a slow phase you know, trying to savor that intensity moment of resistance and lure. But it was more of trying to get out of that situation right away. Ooh ok, scratch that, even just by watching, you'll know there's something wrong on Edward's expression. What a mess! Kristen Stewart, I actually expected more from her since she is an experience actress and I believed that she is the right Bella. Though she wasn't really that bad but she was just dull and look more agitated to hear the director's cut. I'll give much credit to the villains, the actors who portrayed James and Victoria were really into their characters. Yeah Mike and Eric were funny. They were the ones who constantly light up the film. Charlie was good, surprisingly. I was looking more scenes from Alice, Jasper was like a shocked zombie than a vampire. My bf asked me if he's really supposed to act that way. I was like "oooh, I don't know..." lol. Rosalie was not perfect. haha. :)

2. The meadow scene! This is the one I've been looking forward to see in the film, it's my favorite part of the book. But in the movie, it was a TOTAL JOKE. When Edward showed Bella why they can't show their selves in the sun, I was like WTF was that? He looks like he was literally shimmering with glitters all over his face and body. It made Edward look gay than what is described in the book. I know I just said not to compare it with the book, even without comparing it you'll still think it's lame. Go see it.

3. If you haven't read the book, in between the scenes you might find yourself loss. Like the scene where Bella pretentiously fought with Edgar and have to make her father believe that they broke up so she have to go somewhere else to ease the pain. And when she was hurrying up to get into her room, Edward was there helping her to pack her things up. If I didn't read the book, it would be a big HUH? to me.

4. Effects were not impressive. It was not well polished considering that they should put much effort to it. The vampires move should be fast and sharp but it only was fast and hazy.

5. The makeup! Oh no, they looked like they were up for a Halloween costume party. The foundations and lipsticks were too obvious. Too much.

6. The soundtracks, some fit some don't. There were scenes that I think the music shouldn't be too loud but it did and some songs even weren't appropriately used.

Oh well, the film lacks the soulful passion to the point of embarrassment to the fans. All the buzzing bout this movie really paid off, it's a top grossing film but definitely not much elements to offer. Seeing it after, you'll only realized how did they even come up to this peak? The efforts were not clearly noticed if there's really exerted, since the people behind this seems to only look at this film as a jackpot opportunity for fast cash. Advertisement baby, another perfect example of selling with an empty quality inside.

They only want to came up with something to show for the love of money and not actually at its best. Should I give it another shot for New Moon? Maybe maybe not.
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26 July 2008 @ 08:55 pm
I feel like I should do more blogging but the actual thing of doing it, especially now is not really a priority. For some reason, it has something to do with a virtual debate on a friend about him hating the bloggers (the non-technical ones). It all started when I invited him for us to register in the upcoming WordCamp (acknowledging mostly Wordpress Bloggers but of course everyone are invited to join even the non-bloggers), and he immediately declined because of that statement. Of course, I contradicted him. He stated that blogging used to be for technical/programmers and not for self-centered subject of ones self. He hated the idea that people blog for their own interests and not about something that could be benefited with. He definitely got a point there but I am against to his opinion since I welcomed the mainstream of blogging. I'm one of the pioneers in blogging probably here in the Philippines, I started early of 2003, but never really got to maintain it seriously since I only have a persistent urge to blog consistently during summer for obvious reason of plenty of free time and usually the rest involves a once in a week or month post. The hype of blogging here in the Philippines, I think started midst of 2004-2005. How you get to have instant connection with those people you don't even met yet was just ecstatic and this because of the whole new birth of a virtual world of blogosphere. Another very powerful node of networking. I see it as an opportunity to meet people and probably create something for them to use in blogging. But this friend, has a contrary point. He thought of them as a threat instead of us (programmers) doing all the work, their growth means less work for us. Since what they do is just get the template, modify it and fill it with lots of content and content and content. And he also pointed out that bloggers, are not responsible enough compare to how they fearlessly express their direct opinions to something/someone. They tell something without any inhibitions since it is an opinion but never take the responsibility of its consequence. Probably, he's right on this sense. He quoted, that "One man's opinion is another man's religion." Definitely true. But, he shouldn't conclude this to all bloggers. We can't stop it, in any community there will always be assholes who would infect the norm but that doesn't mean that we have to include everyone. I gave him a statement, that web community is proportional just like our society, we have our own freedom of expression. And that shouldn't be contradicted with. BUT of course, freedom to a sense of knowing there are certain limitations and rules. And yet he said, that sadly most bloggers didn't have a sense of this principle. I simply respect his opinion, in fact, it gave me a totally different perspective of the subject. And ironically, I pleaded somehow guilty on what he stated that bloggers blog mostly about their personal lives and its cliches. *cough* Thanks to him, must be my awakening to start blogging about something interesting perhaps, probably technical. haha... Soon on my new blog. :)
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07 January 2008 @ 11:55 pm
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29 December 2007 @ 11:31 pm
My site's server is still down :(, it's been two days. The ticket I have opened was closed already, they asked me to change the name servers in the domain account which is what I exactly did however to my big big dismay, my site is still unavailable up to this moment. How's that? hmmnnn.... They should have visited my site for once or well, maybe they did. But heck, how come it doesn't work on me and even on the others who I told to visit it. Hmnnn... And oh, my site is already residing on the same server as Asteeg.net. But WEIRD, mine is down and always seem to have a down time mode. Hope they could at least explain to me the problem. Asked Ms. Ems about it, but don't know she have not reply to any of my emails yet.

I can only hope and wait. Shit.


It's almost the end for 2007. Hmmmnnn.... I haven't thought yet of a wrap up list for this year. I can only be proud that I finally graduated and got a degree in BS Computer Engineering. Got a work, though it wasn't really that official since I was still on training at that time, after almost 3 weeks, been terminated (but completely happy after - no irony attached really) haha. One hell of an experience, I must say. Got closer to those people I wouldn't expect I would be. Bonded with my long time best friend, just did this XMAS. :P Uhmmmnnnnn.... Been bum for a month. Quite a random happenings for 2007. Might have a clear list next year. ;P Wishing you all a happy and fun 2008!
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19 August 2007 @ 05:24 pm
Here in my room. Damn I can't give up my addiction to Brandon Boyd. If only I can be his LOVE. haha

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