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17 August 2007 @ 09:54 pm
After having the urge to bloghop again, I got inspired to update this journal.

Since this blog is always about myself. You just have to bare some boredom upon reading.

Aug. 15 - Wednesday - Setting: War of the Worlds
Last wednesday I got stacked for 3hrs because of heavy traffic... Blame it to the typhoon Egay, the vehicles were all piled up due to floods. Most of the commuters opted to walk starting from the South Express Toll Gate(Near TESDA) up to Mantrade. That includes us, it was close to the scene in War of the Worlds were people started to run because they have no choice but to get away from the alien invaders. Though in our case, we have no choice but to walk in order to get out of that enduring situation. We walk into who could imagine how far, we didn't care anymore at that moment, thankfully, in the midst of the walkathon there was an empty trolley, I forced my friend to jump across from a wide stagnant canal for us to get into that ride. It was definitely an adventure we hope will not happen again. LOL

Aug. 16 - Our second monthsary, the weather somehow conspired to us since if not for the suspension of classes we could have celebrate the day in a training session. We just watched Surf Up movie, the first time we have watch an animated film in cinema. Not that special actually but we're happy =) After all the down falls. haha...

Im currently doing our final documentation which is due in 2 weeks maybe. The rest is hopefully you can tell... haha
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31 July 2007 @ 01:55 pm
for being too dependent...

for being too insensitive, irrational, irresponsible, and pathetic.

i just need to feel fully equipped and capable to do something for myself and esp. for my parents.

Ohh life.


I am lazy to start the documentation for the final project we had started last year.

I don't feel motivated anymore... FUCK.

On the lighter node since I know Im always pouring all my negative vibes here...

I think Im gonna do some web artworks since i am being artsy fartsy inspired after browsing artstuffs from deviantart. (and the redundancy goes... ) haha..

So instead of doing what i needed to do why not shift to something unimportant instead? Hows that?

I want to customize the layout here, same goes with my multiply account and do some itsy bitsy vector art (status: trying).

But since this is just currently all running in my mind, this could pop up and I might think of something else to get distracted again.

How about movies? ......


See how senseless this blog is? haha.
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27 July 2007 @ 04:30 pm
Sawa ka na ba? Ako sawa na.

Sawa na sa bulok na systema ng gobyerno.

Sa problemang alam mo naman may solusyon pero patay malisyang di pinapansin ng kauukulan at kung meron man eh nag-aantay muna ng malaking pondo para kumilos.

Sa hubad na katotohanan na patuloy pa rin tayong pagmumukhaing tanga ng mga taong sakim sa kapangyarihan.

Sa pagbubulag-bulagan na masarap at ligtas pa rin mamuhay dito.

Sa mga balitang di mo alam kung sadyang tinatakot ka o hinahanda ka para sa posibleng mangyari.

Sa mga taong sadyang walang pakialam sa kapwa.

Sa mga pangyayaring ginagawang tama ang mali.

Sabi nila cge may pag-asa pa tayo, sabi ko naman asa pa tayo! Mukha man akong kontrabida pero ito ang katotohanan. Ikaw sawa ka na rin ba?
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17 July 2007 @ 02:23 pm
been away from the blogosphere for sometime but it's that im busy actually im suppose to be however i prefer to laid back until the deadline comes since i always love the pressure of cramming (haha... ironically)...

So last july 2 was my bday... we just ate out in a restaurant but it's not really a big deal. i plan to treat my classmates but didn't pursue since i don't want to be broke after (how selfish). And funny it is, one of my wish did come true! I told my father about wanting to have a new celfone but didn't really expect that he would heed on that, luckily they (my father and relatives) sort of granted my wish so I now have k800i. I should have jokingly ask for a new desktop haha... Why can't people be happy on what they get? *roll eyes* So far so great but I should have buy a new desktop rather than the celfone since the one Im using right now has been a total retard for so long. Though I really want a laptop, wish it would be my graduation gift (ironically, too late to be use for school works... hihi).. But Im still wanting to have one... Now Im acting like a brat. haha...

What else happened... Ooooh had watched Transformers, Megan Fox is a hottie... But I still prefer AJ Stewart than her. Know the former? She's one of the finalist in America's Next Top Model cycle 7 even though she's really good the judges decided to cast her out of the show since the lack of dedication to the competition. Since she's not really into modelling before she entered the show, she was just invited in myspace by a casting director to try out. But if you'll watch her she walks like a pro-super model, her looks is just devilishly stunning. I tell you Im all over her personality. She's an art major that's why it shows on her unique aura which sets her apart from other girls.

Here's AJ's pic:

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30 June 2007 @ 05:06 pm

In Life, "shit happens". That's what our politics and governance professor favorite tagline. Nothing to argue about it. It really does.

Just watched the grand finale of PBB2, as what expected "The Bitch" has been booed by the live audience when she was announced as the 3rd placer. But what I didn't expect was she had outrank Gee-ann (being the 4th placer), which if you are an avid watcher you would notice that even though she got nominated for several times, still she had proved to be the consistent survivor during eviction nights.

She could bag a special award for having an enormous fans. Ironically, she got the last place. What the heck? The only good consolation was that "The Bitch" received a majority "boos" from the crowd. I don't want to proloonnnnnng my commentary anymore. Shit really happens.

And yeah, Bea is the big winner while Mickey got the 2nd place. YAY!


Im turning 21! The age... Im feeling the baggage of responsibilities attached to that. I'm definitely excited and at the same time reserved of what will be the world, fate, destiny holds for me. hihi. I'll just enjoy the next level nevertheless. Woohoo!!!!

Im always in the mood during wee hours, that's the only time my brain actually thinks straight, perhaps. haha. Ciao!
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