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26 July 2008 @ 08:55 pm
Blogger Hater  
I feel like I should do more blogging but the actual thing of doing it, especially now is not really a priority. For some reason, it has something to do with a virtual debate on a friend about him hating the bloggers (the non-technical ones). It all started when I invited him for us to register in the upcoming WordCamp (acknowledging mostly Wordpress Bloggers but of course everyone are invited to join even the non-bloggers), and he immediately declined because of that statement. Of course, I contradicted him. He stated that blogging used to be for technical/programmers and not for self-centered subject of ones self. He hated the idea that people blog for their own interests and not about something that could be benefited with. He definitely got a point there but I am against to his opinion since I welcomed the mainstream of blogging. I'm one of the pioneers in blogging probably here in the Philippines, I started early of 2003, but never really got to maintain it seriously since I only have a persistent urge to blog consistently during summer for obvious reason of plenty of free time and usually the rest involves a once in a week or month post. The hype of blogging here in the Philippines, I think started midst of 2004-2005. How you get to have instant connection with those people you don't even met yet was just ecstatic and this because of the whole new birth of a virtual world of blogosphere. Another very powerful node of networking. I see it as an opportunity to meet people and probably create something for them to use in blogging. But this friend, has a contrary point. He thought of them as a threat instead of us (programmers) doing all the work, their growth means less work for us. Since what they do is just get the template, modify it and fill it with lots of content and content and content. And he also pointed out that bloggers, are not responsible enough compare to how they fearlessly express their direct opinions to something/someone. They tell something without any inhibitions since it is an opinion but never take the responsibility of its consequence. Probably, he's right on this sense. He quoted, that "One man's opinion is another man's religion." Definitely true. But, he shouldn't conclude this to all bloggers. We can't stop it, in any community there will always be assholes who would infect the norm but that doesn't mean that we have to include everyone. I gave him a statement, that web community is proportional just like our society, we have our own freedom of expression. And that shouldn't be contradicted with. BUT of course, freedom to a sense of knowing there are certain limitations and rules. And yet he said, that sadly most bloggers didn't have a sense of this principle. I simply respect his opinion, in fact, it gave me a totally different perspective of the subject. And ironically, I pleaded somehow guilty on what he stated that bloggers blog mostly about their personal lives and its cliches. *cough* Thanks to him, must be my awakening to start blogging about something interesting perhaps, probably technical. haha... Soon on my new blog. :)
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Azulacomosellaman on August 2nd, 2008 03:48 am (UTC)
If blogging was intended for techi stuff, LJ wouldn't exist, di ba? It's like saying that forums too are for techies, not for socio-politically inclined people or for 'ordinary people'.

Kung ganyan ang concept niya, sabihin niya nalang na for journalists lang ang blogs and not even for techie people. Of course, itatanggi niya yun.

"One man's opinion is another man's religion."
True and with due respect, he speaks for HIMSELF. Sinong tao ba walang opinion?? Pati aso nga eh may opinion din.
subtlesidesubtleside on August 3rd, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
it became a biased opinion for him, sadly.